Easy Integration

No software to download. Nothing to install. Just copy/paste our code.

Your website consist of many components. Your Store Locator is just one of them. Ultimate Locator easily integrates into your existing website. Even the most novice of users can integrate Ultimate Locator in just a few minutes. We provide you with simple code snippets to copy/paste into your web page’s source code.

Directing Visitors to Your Locations

Connecting Online Opportunities with Offline Sales

If your website is not converting online browsers into retail foot traffic, then maybe it's time you implemented a smart Store Locator tool into your site. Give your customers an easy way to buy your products and services locally. With proximity searching, interactive mapping, driving directions, integrated analytics and so much more, you'll deliver quality information to your users, while understanding more about them and where they shop.

Mobile Support

Optimized screens for smartphones and tablets

1 out of 3 customers looking for your local product or service is doing so on a mobile device. Don't disappoint them by ignoring their platform. Beautifully translate your online store locator system to your user's mobile devices and smartphones with Ultimate Locator ’s Mobile Devices plugin.

Maps & Directions

Interactive Maps and Driving Directions for all your Locations

Your Ultimate Locator will provide smart and intuitive mapping solutions to your visitors. Give your customers the opportunity to find your products & services locally with interactive mapping features and driving directions. For mobile users, Ultimate Locator will leverage the native GPS functionality within their mobile devices, guiding them with turn-by-turn navigation.

QR Codes

Add your locator to print advertising and media

Advertising just got better. Our Store Locator QR Codes plugin tool allows you to place your store locator directly into your print ads. Your customer will scan your QR Code, which will transport them to your store locator system, returning the closest retailer to their current location.

How it Works: While browsing a magazine, your new customer sees your ad. They scan the QR Code with their smartphone, and the phone uses GPS to navigate the customer to the retailer down the street where your product is on the shelf. It's an industry first and only Ultimate Locator offers Store Locator QR Codes as a tool for improving performance in print advertising.

Plugin Library

Pick and choose which features you need, Anytime

Ultimate Locator comes loaded with mainstream features that are necessary to run a great locator tool at your website. To extend the functionality for an even more customized solution, you can easily add any plugin from our plugin library. Only Ultimate Locator lets you customize your locator app with the features you desire by adding quality plugins.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Delivery Model

Ultimate Locator is a fully managed system

Ultimate Locator is a centrally hosted SaaS Cloud Solution that delivers high quality results. Our locator system is built in-house with the latest technologies by expert programmers. Our on-demand solution allows you to implement a full featured store locator system into your existing web property with just a few lines of code. Our systems are managed by LiquidWeb’s Storm team, using the latest lightening fast cloud servers with Solid State hard drive technologies, to ensure a robust and reliable cloud delivery model.

Customizable via Themes and CSS

Uniquely style your Ultimate Locator to match your existing site

Customize your Ultimate Locator to match your brand and website. With many color Themes, CSS Options and Custom Logos, your locator will blend with your website’s layout and style. One style does not fit all, so we offer you the opportunity to create your own look and feel, with easy ‘Click & Pick’ color choices.

14 Day Free Trial

No Contracts. No Commitments. Flexible Plans. Cancel anytime.

Every new plan receives a complimentary 14 Day Free Trial. After that, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime with no penalties. Cancellations are quick and easy right inside your account. No phone call needed.

With plans starting at $7.00 a month, it's easy to get your new locator system launched right away with no delays.

There's a ton of standard features built in to the core Locator Engine

For a Full List of all Standard Features, please visit our Features Page.